Writing audiobook

Writing directly for audiobook

Writing audiobook. Everyone has a story to tell. What do you want to convey to the world? The easiest way is to write down your thoughts and stories. Use it as a script. There are different variations depending on what suits you. Some need to write down everything they will tell you. Some have lots of small points which they then develop when the audiobook is recorded. Some create a series of images with comments and then start from here.

Writing an audiobook in the right environment

Find the optimal environment that suits you to write the audiobook. Some want to be pretty quiet, others want to sit on the beach and write. The number of pages is not decisive. How long you talk in your audiobook is also not decisive. An audiobook that is about 2 hours long is otherwise a simple guideline.

Start today. It is commonly said that the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago and today. There is always time to write and it will benefit if you put the time down and do not postpone it. Want to tell a story.

We are created to share our knowledge with others. We are created to share our story. Nordic Success Publishing helps you share this both nationally and internationally. How to reach different target groups? Our network of social media experts can help you find the right audience. We guide you in how to optimize this.

We help you publish your audiobook

Writing audiobooks

Write a straight story. The listener cannot rewind or rewind in any way. Therefore, your story should be simple and clear and told in chronological order. You should also avoid jumping into time and shift narrative perspectives. In paper books, the third person is popular, while in audio books, the first person is the best form of self-education.

Lots of dialogue. Audiobooks and movies are usually based on dialogue. Let the lines appear in the scene. Just think of movies. If you write good dialogues, audiobooks and movies are usually based on dialogue. Let the lines take up a lot of space in your story. Just think of movies. If you write good conversations, audiobooks are for you. Good readers can also promote dialogue.

Writing audiobook

The final stage of writing audiobook

Then put together all the notes from all the proofreaders and create a basis for adjustment. You will then see points that everyone wants to adjust and get some comments that are unique to each reviewer. During the review, it may also have turned out that the tempo is too high or too low. You may need to adjust to create quieter parts for reflection or you may need to remove a lot of silence to increase the pace and tempo. Once you have changed all your opinions and mistakes, the audiobook is ready to be placed on the market. Do not forget that the whole world is your market. Contact us and we will help you write audiobook.

Writing audiobook
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