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Audiobook. Although paper books are still the main form of reading, the number of people listening to audio books is increasing. In fact, audiobook are growing in all formats. At the same time as this growth, the methods for producing audio books are also evolving rapidly.

The most common audio books are stories from novels. Fact books, often called non-fiction, are not as common. Creating audiobook from non-fiction books can be very difficult, as non-fiction books can contain illustrative images and tables, and these images and tables simply do not work properly in spoken language. Similarly, reading a fact book can sometimes feel a little boring and lack history. This means that the audiobook version of the factbook must have narrative elements such as accents, sound illustrations and reflected syllables for the audience to understand.

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When it comes to creating audiobook, most people think it has something to do with recording reading. This is also correct, but only half the truth. In addition, you should prepare first, then edit, proofread, adjust and publish. Everything takes time.

Before you start reading the book, remember that people who listen to the book want you to have the same voice throughout the book. When reading, the reading about the pronunciation should have the same tone, but not sure. Our voice depends, for example, on whether we feel stressed and many other factors. If you choose to read your own story, you will build a natural reputation.

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Before you start reading the book, remember that people who listen to the book want you to have the same voice throughout the book. If you want to record your own voice, you need a good enough microphone, soundproof and eco-free space. Since the sound of the voice sounds important, the recording quality must be high. Do not read paper books, as you will hear paper jams. Instead, use a tablet to read.

Audiobook are best for stories, so if possible, depending on how the fact books are written, it may be wise to read fact books as stories. It can be written in form and is already narrative, which of course makes it a story. But it can also be written from a point of view, and then you have to consider and decide if the story format is appropriate or if the story should be made more neutral, which can be a bit boring.


Buy audiobook without subscription

You can listen to an audiobook without paying for a subscription. Through Success publish, you will find the cheapest prices on all audio books and e-books published via our book publisher.

If you want to use a subscription, Sweden currently has five applications for audio books. Everything can be downloaded to Iphone and Android. Some applications can also be downloaded to other operating systems or devices.

  • Storytel. Storytel is the first Swedish audiobook app and today has the largest selection of audiobook in Swedish. Compared to other audiobook apps, this app is popular with users and can be used on more devices.
  • Bookbeat. A user-friendly application that is easy to navigate and provides audio books from many large publishers in Sweden. Bookbeat provides a subscription service for the family that allows multiple people to listen to audiobook at the same time, and there is a large selection of children’s books.
  • Nextory. This is also an investment app for families who want to listen to audiobook together or separately. In Nextory you can also choose smaller audiobook at a cheaper price.
  • Bokus Play. For those who prefer a broad subscription and listen to a maximum of one book per month, Bokus Play is a budget-friendly app.
  • Audible. This is the application where you are looking for English audiobook. There is a wide variety of choices, you can choose a few audiobook each month and then you can keep them.

What is an audiobook?

Audiobook are books that have been loaded in audio format. Therefore, you do not listen to a book in text form, you listen to someone else who reads a book. One of the great benefits of audiobook is that you can listen to the book while doing other things. For example, many people listen when they cook or exercise. Nowadays, by streaming audiobook on mobile phones, audiobook have become easily accessible and take them with you.

The growing interest in audio books has led to an increased supply. Nowadays, no matter what type or age you like, you can find audiobook for everyone. Contact us if you are thinking of publishing your own audiobook.

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