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Create audiobook. If you are planning to read the book yourself, ask someone in your area what they think of your voice and hope for an honest answer. There are voices that are more or less easy to listen to, depending on the tone and character. If you have written the book in I-form, as I mentioned earlier, it is you who reads.

Here are a variety of variations that depend on the content of the book. If there are many quotes or dialogues where characters from the book talk, it becomes natural to think about how they should be realized and to some extent dramatize the reading voice. There is also the opportunity to increase the dramatization in the audiobook with audio illustrations and environmental sounds. It may also be the case that the book is written in such a way that a simple and uncomplicated reading without reinforcements is the very best. If it is a fact book, style is very important, as we have already talked about in the section on reading Yes, it is important to think of style.

Then you also decide the cover image and the descriptive text for the audiobook, so that you have it ready from the beginning, because it will be the cover image and the descriptive text that creates the customer’s expectations. You should meet this expectation with your audiobook.

Audiobook editing

After loading, editing begins. Here you should remove all misreadings, readings, cough attacks, sneezing and other irrelevant sounds. You will also notice if the reader has any special sounds, such as cool inhalations, readings, wheezing, wheezing, etc. Already when you start editing, you must decide whether, for example, you should remove all inhalations or which ones should be a natural part of the sound image.

You may also notice that the sound level varies, which may have different causes depending on how accurate the recording was. My tip is to wait with adjustments of the sound level until after the review listens, so you can take a full grasp of what to adjust and see the big picture.

In addition to reading the book’s own content, the editing also includes the formal sound elements such as the book’s presentation and the author. Even at the end of the book, a nice ending should be read. In the case of a fact book, e.g. chapter headings and other guiding elements are also loaded.

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Proof of sound monitoring in creating of audiobook

Just like reading a written book, an audiobook review must listen to not only detect any errors in the reading material, but also to listen to how well the style works when the entire audiobook is to be consumed. It is important to get a feel for how listening the audiobook is, if there is anything in the audio image that may irritate the ear. The sound level may vary, which is addressed in the adjustment. It can also be the case that the voice is uneven, which is much more difficult to correct afterwards and usually means that parts have to be read again.

There should be more people listening to evidence. Here, just like with eyes, several ears are more than just your two ears. The reader should listen to evidence in their own voice. In the same way, the producer of the audiobook should listen. It is often only in the review that they are already involved for the first time to experience the entire audiobook and get an idea of ​​how well the production is connected.

Make a note of the errors you discover and indicate approximately the minute and second where the error occurs. This makes it easier to adjust and the editor does not have to look long.

Create audiobook

The final stage for creating audiobook

Then put together all the notes from all the proofreaders and create a basis for adjustment. You will then see points that everyone wants to adjust and get some comments that are unique to each reviewer. During the review, it may also have turned out that the tempo is too high or too low. You may need to adjust to create quieter parts for reflection or you may need to remove a lot of silence to increase the pace and tempo. Once you have changed all your opinions and mistakes, the audiobook is ready to be placed on the market. Do not forget that the whole world is your market. Contact us and we will help you create audiobook.

create audiobook
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